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Obtain a Driver’s License in Jamaica

Step by Step guide from Learners to Driver’s License in Jamaica

To obtain a Provisional License (Learner License):

  • The applicant must be over 17 years old.
  • Take two valid passport sized photographs, signed by a Justice of the Peace, a Minister of Religion or a Superintendent of Police.
  • Take along your TRN to the tax office closest to where you live.
  • Pay a fee of $1,800, after which you will be presented with your Provisional License.


With your Provisional License you can sign up at driving schools for structured driving lessons.


To obtain a your Private/General Drivers License:

After obtaining your provisional license and completing the driving lessons you must then take a driving test to determine your competence. You first need to pay the driver’s license examination fee of $2,700 at the Tax Office or the Swallowfield Depot in St Andrew (debit/credit card only) and procure a receipt.

1. Private License: Private licenses come in two classifications – automatic transmission only and standard/automatic motor cars. A person holding a private license is allowed to drive only a motor car.


2. General License: A person holding a general license is allowed to drive trucks, public passenger vehicles (PPV), and commercial vehicles. However, a person cannot drive a PPV unless it is stipulated on the licence. Additionally, the driver must be at least 21years old.

**Please note that a General License application must be signed by a medical doctor, while this is not required for a Private License.

After passing the driving examIn the case of Kingston and St Andrew you must inform the Examination Depot which tax office to send your Certificate of Competence to. For the other parishes the certificate will be forwarded to the tax office in the parish capital.For example, in the case of St Catherine it would be sent to the Spanish Town Revenue Service Centre (RSC).


Once the Competence Certificate has been forwarded to the Tax Office you are required to pay the relevant drivers licence fee. You will then be photographed and the license issued.

The fee you pay is dependent upon the license granted.For a General Licence, the fee is $6,000, while the Private License attracts a fee of $4,500.

Disclaimer: The fees stated above may have increased, please contact the tax administration for more details – 1 876 902-9463


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